Lethilia Oakenheel

Wood Elf Druid of Rillifane Rallathil


Last known stats:

AC 15
HP 23
Speed 30 ft.

Spellcaster + 5
Scimitar 1d6 + 4
Shortsword 1d6 + 4
Beast Form

Race: Wood Elf
Age: 366
Religion: Rillifane Rallathil
Place of Birth: The High Forest


Born into a noble lighteyed household in the High Forest, Lethilia grew up very close to her twin Drusilia, as well as to her parents, Krisna and Ravadi

Very little is known about the developing years of Lethilia, although at some point she developed a strong fear of Mushrooms (believing them to be the work of a mad wizard) and a strong dislike of Gnomes.

Lethilia, following the traditions of her people, entered into worship of Rillifane Rallathil at a monastary, where she stayed for almost 200 years, only leaving due to visions of an evil only she can destroy.

At some point between her leaving the monastry and beginning her investigations into her sister’s dissapearance, she encountered a Brown Bear, and so taken by its awe, she learned to transform into one at will using her Beast Form ability.

During the early stages of her investigations, she encountered the Howling Fang Pack, who she had reason to believe had something to do with Drusilia’s dissapearance. She seemed to overestimate these creatures fondness for honor and revenge, as they were far more preoccupied with stealing more firearms than with avenging their loss in Yartar.

Rumors of the last sighting of her sister lead her to Westbridge, where she met Crowe & Eridan, the siblings of her sister’s party and people on the same quest as her. Together they met the old druid Pon Fel who asked them to clear out Orllon in exchange for her help

Lethilia Oakenheel

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